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Last few months have been really hectic with lots of great outcome for our clients. We have been really satisfied to add value to our client’s financial freedom, mind freedom and time freedom.We thought its good to share some of these success stories with you.

BP Fuel Station Purchase

The client wanting to buy a BP gas station in Auckland, we helped them with process of negotiating the lease with the landlord also helped with the application with BP & negotiated with the receiver and also with the broker. This client wanted to buy this site 6 months earlier and they offered in the range of $1.6 to 1.9 million dollars the vendor at that time rejected that deal. The vendor went into receivership and we got an opportunity to negotiate this and the clients save thousands of dollars.

This was achieved by working as a team we worked closely with the client, landlord, broker, receiver and BP this showed that this team worked really well together everyone was very happy with the outcome.

Commercial Property Development and Refinance

The client built his property in an Auckland suburb a couple of years ago and was financed with a second tier lender. The second tier lender was interest only so all these years the client was struggling to keep up with second tire interest rates and everything else. We came onboard and took the opportunity and were able to refinance the client with an international bank so was able to get significant less interest rate a commercial interest rate. We were able to save between 3 to 4 % interest costs, also got them a very deal on being able to spread that over 15 to 20 years a term .This was also achieved by working closely with the client and there needs as well as the banks. They are now looking at putting their business on the market so that the business will pay against the business loan and then the property will be able to be leased out and the client will be able to become a landlord and receive a comfortable passive income for their retirement years. So we were able to look at how to make it more profitable for the client. We also helped them with the whole process of dealing with Valuations and earthquake rating.

Buying a commercial property

One of our clients just recently sold a diary shop and was looking for return of 6% plus. He was not super keen to keep the money in the bank, returning only 3.5% interest gross(if you include taxes and cost, the returns are negative). We bought him a commercial property with 15 years lease at 6.5% return on Investment.

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