Additional $2,000 Funding Through Government Support

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Regional Business Partner Network

The Regional Business Partner Network is making available $2,000 funding for eligible Auckland based businesses to receive 1:1 advice to help them through the COVID-19 crisis. This is a limited fund available until 30th June 2020.

Orb360 is working in collaboration with The Engine who are approved service providers to the network with to deliver programs for co-funding and now a fully funding support COVID-19 Programme (CAPPED AT $2000), with potential co-funding thereafter.

We would only be able to help 20 Businesses only, on a first come first serve basis.

Here is how ATEED plans to deliver the funds allocated for Auckland.

There are limited funds, intended to support businesses with 1:1 advice to help them through this initial crisis period. ATEED wants to support businesses by investing in professional advice which they fully fund with the criteria below.

To do so they will be limiting the value to each eligible business to $2000 – we are happy to move clients to the co-funding model as we move out of this crisis period. As advised above The Engine is approved to deliver to businesses utilizing this funding.

ATEED have advised that the criteria to consider before we refer you is:

  1. That you are an employer;
  2. Your business was generally sound prior to the COVID-19 challenge and with the right support should survive to provide jobs and income in the future;
  3. You do need the financial support from RBPN for coaching;
  4. The COVID-19 crisis is affecting your business.

The Engine have formed an immediate taskforce of Advisor/Coaches from our provider pool within The Engine to engage with eligible businesses. With this in mind, we have profiles on all our provider advisors here.

We have also completed a page on our website fully outlining our COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme here. The key management capability outcomes are to be:

Learning Outcomes:
This program will provide management capability in:
• Financial & Cashflow Management;
• Employment & HR;
• Health and Wellbeing;
• Business Continuity Planning.

Brief Overview:

  • Assess where your business is right now & impact. Understand what’s important in your business for the immediate present;
  • Change Management. Roadmap your business to operate in the ever-changing business environment;
  • Establish and agree on your direction. Identify opportunities for change and further hurdles;
  • Overcome Hurdles. Problem-solving with agility;
  • Stabilize & Provide confidence. Focus and action the right things at the right time for business continuity;
  • Communication. Provide regular communication to your workforce throughout the lockdown. Assessing their personal and professional wellbeing for those who are still working. Also, review any H & S requirements within their work/home environment;
  • Plan & future proof the future – executable business action plan with key tasks and deliverables.

This program is designed to be comprehensively tailored to the specific requirements of the business & the committed time and pace of the owner.

The meeting will be delivered by video conference (SKYPE/ZOOM/FACETIME), phone and email.

We can guide you through the registration process to confirm if your business is eligible for the $2,000 fund.

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