Franchise Accountants in NZ

If you’re still using paper records for your company’s finances, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to make your business significantly more agile and better equipped to make well-informed strategic decisions that could supercharge its growth.

Think about it. If you needed to know how much money your company is making, how much more it will make in the future, how much it is spending, how much it has to spend, and how much it is going to spend in the future, how would you go about getting that information?

You’ll most likely have to get in touch with your accounting and finance team and ask them to pull up the information for you and prepare a report, right?

Obviously, this process takes time, and by the time you get your hands on those reports, there’s a big chance that the numbers you have are no longer accurate. That’s because if you just sold a single product between the time you asked for the report and the time you got it, then your numbers would have already changed, making that report technically outdated.

Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that if you used a digital accounting solution like Xero instead. It’s exactly what our team of finance and accounting specialists here at Orb360 use for all our clients. It’s not only designed to give you instant access to all of your company’s real-time numbers, but also help you:

Monitor and manage your cash flow more easily
Store all your bank and credit card details in one place
Easily keep track of all outstanding invoices and payables
Minimize errors in recording transactions
Instantly prepare invoices
Track your sales and spending
Manage contracts
Instantly generate customised reports
Connect your financial records to a customer relationship management (CRM) tool
And so much more!

Make your business more agile and ready to make well-informed strategic decisions today. Book a chat with us to get started.