Horsetooth Hot Sauce – Finding A Quickbooks Alternative

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Horsetooth Hot Sauce – Finding A Quickbooks Alternative

John Comeau is the CEO/Founder of Horsetooth Hot Sauce. He runs the business with his sister and co-owner, Michael Ann. It’s a brother-sister combo that’s as basic as their pepper-vinegar hot sauce mix. But unlike typical brothers and sisters, they get along fine and agree… especially when it comes to their choice of accounting software.

For John, QuickBooks was just okay until “we started getting busier and I needed more people to be able to access it.”

Michael Ann shared in this frustration: “If [John’s] computer was off, I wasn’t able to access the QuickBooks program and therefore I wasn’t able to do the job that I needed to do.”

The solution: Xero and its multiple users and real-time activity.

“That’s why we love Xero. [For example, we] can change an invoice on our phone,” says John. But there’s more: “The final straw was we would have invoices sitting there that were two months’ past due – and no one really knew.”

Not anymore – not with Xero, the perfect QuickBooks alternative. “I feel pretty confident about Xero because it’s something I’m going to be able to teach to our future employees and everyone’s going to be on the same page,” says Michael Ann.

Xero is the perfect online accounting solution for a growing business like Horsetooth Hot Sauce. John agrees: “It’s been a real treat working with Xero.”